Pure Graphene


Although the enormous potentials of graphene are well document, a major obstacle to its incorporation into cutting-edge technology remains the lack of pure and quality graphene. Despite the availability of numerous production techniques broadly classified into two main categories, i.e. bottom-up (e.g., CVD, epitaxial growth on SiC, arc discharge, chemical synthesis etc.) and top-down (e.g., exfoliation methods) processes, graphene market is grossly dominated by graphene oxides (GO) and reduced graphene oxides (RGO). Unlike graphene, these products are not suitable alternatives to industrial materials like Silicon, platinum and indium tin oxides (ITO). To harness the market potentials of graphene, a pure and single layer graphene is highly imperative. At carbonext Inc., our process enables control over size, number of layers, purity and economic of graphene. The figures below compare carbonext single crystal graphene (Graphtene) with an existing graphene product.