Current strategies of producing graphene involve the use of complex tools and incomplete chemical

reactions that lead to a large amount of chemical waste. However, despite the existence of numerous

methods of production, critical issues that have restricted the use of graphene to the R&D stage are yet to be addressed. The incorporation of graphene into several technologies is hindered by product and process challenges. To harness the potentials of graphene, a scalable and reproducible method of production of high quality and pure graphene material is highly imperative. At Carbonext Inc., we are addressing these limitations with our recently disclosed reversible and facile technique that enables control over purity, number of layers, size and physiochemical properties of graphene.



Graphene’s properties compare favorably to that of industrial materials such as silicon, indium tin oxides and platinum. However, the high cost of producing graphene limits its suitability and selectivity as a substitute to these widely used materials. The cost implication of using scarce materials, industrial materials, complex equipment and waste management contribute significantly to the delay in commercialization of graphene. At Carbonext Inc., we are committed to harnessing the market potentials of graphene through our recently disclosed scalable and inexpensive technology of transforming an unwanted material or by-product into graphene. Our process offers a more economical path to narrowing the timeline for the commercialization of graphene products and technologies.