Carbonext graphene

Carbonext grapheneCarbonext grapheneCarbonext graphene

We produce quality graphene in a unique and disruptive way.


Our technology includes a scalable, reproducible and continuous process of producing graphene.

Quality Graphene

Our unique process enables control over structure and properties of graphene. We offer single crystal

and single layer graphene products that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to a facile process, our technique involves the transformation of a relatively cheap and

unwanted material into graphene, thus creating a more economical path to harnessing the market

potentials of graphene.

Green Technology

Besides adopting one of the oldest chemical processes, our environmentally-friendly process ensures

sustainability. While other graphene manufacturers rely on graphite precursors or CVD, Carbonext

produces scalable graphene from an industrial waste.