About Us

Why Carbonext

At Carbonext Inc., our objectives are geared towards enabling the availability of large commercial graphene which have been constrained by lack of bulk supply and prohibitive pricing, through a substantially cost effective and large-scale production of graphene.

We are leveraging our novel approaches to narrow the timeline for the incorporation of graphene in all documented cutting-edge technologies. To achieve our goal, we are looking to explore collaborative ventures with interested industrial partners that share our vision and commitment toward removing existing barriers to the commercialization of graphene products


At Carbonext Inc., we are addressing the challenges posed to graphene commercialization through a combination of approach. Compared with existing technologies, our innovative technology offers solutions to the existing problems in several ways.

  1. By replacing graphite with a biomass material, the problem of limited availability of source material becomes abated. 
  2. We are addressing the problem of cost and availability through our cheap and facile chemical method. 
  3. Our chemical method can be adapted and modified to achieve scalable production of graphene. 
  4. Our proprietary products which include single layered graphene material exhibit a capability of addressing quality and purity challenges. 
  5. We demonstrate our commitment to green technology and the safety of the environment through the utilization of biomass as a source material.